Discover Idstein - Souvenirs


You receive the following souvenirs exclusively in the tourist information!


Lens cleaning cloth

This high quality cleaning cloth made of microfibers shows parts of the original castle and the Witches Tower, Idsteins landmark.

Price: 2.95 €

Idstein Memo

Idstein "square-shaped"

A memory game published by the Historical Society Idstein. 24 playing cards show familiar as well as less known sites of Idsteins historical old town.

Price: 12.00 €


Idstein Cup

This cup - made of high-quality porcelain - shows the most beautiful sights of the town. The Chancellery-Gate, Town Hall, Crooked House,  the Witches Tower as well as many other buildings  "surround" the cup.

Price: 11.95 €


Illustrated book "Idstein"

This book is full of beautiful pictures of our town. The texts are written in German, English and French language and make it a perfect gift for many occasions.

Price: 9.95 €


Umbrella "Idstein"

This umbrella shows the most beautiful sights of Idstein.

Price: 19.90 €


Key Ring

This versatile metal key ring also contains a detachable shopping cart chip showing the Witches Tower.

Price: 5.90 €



The magnetic bookmark shows the Witches Tower. It can be flipped open and placed around a page.

Price: 2.00 €


Magnet "Witches Tower"

Magnet of high quality showing Idstein's landmark - the Witches Tower.

Price: 3.95 € 


Pin "Witches Tower"

Metal pin showing Idstein's landmark - the Witches Tower

Price: 1.95 €

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