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You receive the following souvenirs exclusively in the tourist information!


Snow globe

New: Snow globe with two different Idstein pictures. The front shows the snow covered Killingerhaus, the back the so-called triumvirate consisting of the Crooked House, Town hall and the Gatehouse.

Price: 9,95 €


Lens cleaning cloth

This high quality cleaning cloth made of microfibers shows parts of the original castle and the Witches Tower, Idsteins landmark.

Price: 2.95 €

Idstein Memo

Idstein "square-shaped"

A memory game published by the Historical Society Idstein. 24 playing cards show familiar as well as less known sites of Idsteins historical old town.

Price: 12.00 €


Idstein Cup

This cup - made of high-quality porcelain - shows the most beautiful sights of the town. The Chancellery-Gate, Town Hall, Crooked House,  the Witches Tower as well as many other buildings  "surround" the cup.

Price: 11.95 €


Illustrated book "Idstein"

This book is full of beautiful pictures of our town. The texts are written in German, English and French language and make it a perfect gift for many occasions.

Price: 9.95 €


Key Ring

This versatile metal key ring also contains a detachable shopping cart chip showing the Witches Tower.

Price: 5.90 €



The magnetic bookmark shows the Witches Tower. It can be flipped open and placed around a page.

Price: 2.00 €


Magnet "Witches Tower"

Magnet of high quality showing Idstein's landmark - the Witches Tower.

Price: 3.95 € 


Pin "Witches Tower"

Metal pin showing Idstein's landmark - the Witches Tower

Price: 1.95 €

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